Study Kits


Each fall and spring semester the Parker County Aggie Moms Club delivers study packs to our students at the University just before final exams.  The meeting prior to the delivery date will be the study pack stuffing meeting, where each Aggie Mom is asked to bring about 60 of one item that can be placed in the pack. Such items might include individual packages of crackers, nuts, candy, microwavable popcorn, Sun Chips, mechanical pencils, pens, drink mixes such as Crystal Light, gum, pain relievers, lip balm, and small toys.

 Along with the “goodies” each kit consists of a unique gift for the students.  In past years the gift has been an item such as a Texas A&M laundry bag, wall banner, popcorn tin or gift card to a restaurant.

 At the meeting we have lots of fun stuffing our bags and tagging them for our Aggies. You have an opportunity to include special items for your student and a note of encouragement in the bag as well. 


Please mark your calendar for Friday, December 1, 2016 to help deliver Study Packs!